What Happened To Subsidiarity Podcast?

Dave Killion — November 14, 2012

It’s been a little while since any of you has been able to enjoy a new episode of Subsidiarity Podcast, and I flatter myself that that absence has been disappointing to at least a few of our supporters. Well, the good news is that the podcast has been suspended (at least temporarily) because my co-host Ashley Johnston has taken the job of Executive Producer for the Ed and Ethan Show.

Self-described as The Voice of Liberty in Canada, the Ed and Ethan podcast is much further along in its development than is Subsidiarity Podcast, and it shows. The addition of Ashley has only made the program better. Make sure you subscribe, so you don’t miss an episode.



Ashley Johnston says

Feedback is also very important. We would like to make it so that, not only would you hypothetically recommend it to friends, but that you actually recommend it to friends.

Critiques, topic suggestions, interview suggestions, volunteers for panel, send it all to @feedback at edandethan dot com@.

Ed and Ethan are putting out lots of great content and a B roll for those that want even more.

— November 15, 2012

Ed Lemieux says

Thanks so much for the mention Dave. Ashley is a great help on the show.

— November 15, 2012

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