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Dave Killion — November 17, 2012

I’ve met vegetarians who say that people who want to eat meat should kill and process the animal themselves. The idea is that we are so removed from the violence and ugliness of the process that most would simply give up meat. Those vegetarians should be prime candidates for conversion to libertarianism!

Say to them, “If you want Peter to pay for Paul’s health care/education/retirement, even if Peter doesn’t want to,then you should personally go Peter’s house and use whatever level of violence you think is necessary to force Peter to hand over the money.” Being so far removed from the savagery inherent in the welfare state, I imagine said vegetarians (indeed, all people) would, in the face of such a daunting prospect, quickly lay aside their appetites for other peoples’ possessions, and embrace more peaceful pursuits.


Shirley Sloan says

Well said, as usual Dave.

— November 17, 2012

missy says

haha, tell that to your wife Dave!

— November 18, 2012

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