Gun Control Advocates Making Careless Accusations

Dave Killion — December 16, 2012

My Facebook page has lit up with pain and rage since the Connecticut school massacre Friday morning, a great deal of it incoherent and contradictory. One particularly livid fellow insists it is time my fellow Americans have a serious dialogue concerning gun control in the U.S. He is also encouraging his like-minded fellows to join him in ‘shouting down the idiots’. Presumably ‘the idiots’ consist of people who don’t think what he thinks, and I’m not clear how he intends to reconcile his desire to shout them down whilst having a serious dialogue with them. Doesn’t matter, though.  We have been having a serious dialogue about guns for many decades, and the arguments for reason and morality increasingly carry the day. And if shouting down the opposition worked, the anti-gun crowd would have prevailed long ago.

To further uglify the matter, there are plenty of accusations against people defending gun rights, the 2nd amendment, the NRA… people like me. It seems we have blood on our hands… that we are partly to blame for the death of these children. Myself, I only blame the shooter, but if some of the teachers or administrators had been armed, it’s not a stretch to conclude this tragedy would have been at least marginally less tragic. And it wasn’t libertarians that kept those teachers and administrators defenceless.


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