Prepare For The Next Apocalypse

Dave Killion — December 22, 2012

Although the Mayan Apocalypse failed to materialize, humanity faces the constant threat of disaster on all fronts. Perhaps it will be a pandemic, or meteor strike. Maybe it will be an alien invasion, a natural disaster, or an economic collapse combined with a chaotic loss of rule of law. Since libertarians know that counting on the state to save the day is likely to result in devastating (and perhaps fatal) loss, we prepare to care for ourselves, our friends, and our communities. In that spirit, I offer you the following video, showing what can be done with resources from an unlikely place –


Of all the things to admire, I am struck most by the resistance of the coat hanger to being place under so much tension. It is a testimony to the quality of Ikea construction.

HT to Tom Palmer

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