Libertarians Should Be Committed!

Dave Killion — December 30, 2012

Committed to making the world a better place, that is. And what better way to demonstrate that commitment than by re-visiting last New Year’s resolutions, and then making some more new ones! Join me –

Last year I pledged to acquire some skill that is in demand ( or could be in demand) on the black market. Now, as it happens, I am already a journeyman carpenter, and it is well known that there is a substantial underground economy in the construction field. But in addition, I have taken up beer brewing and learned about distilling. I even have a distiller under construction (which is perfectly legal… it is the distillation of spirits that puts one on the wrong side of the state). I also said that I  might try and shed some weight, and I do believe that I’m down about 3 or 4 pounds. So all in all, good job Dave!

I also suggested that those of you without firearms resolve to take the steps needed to acquire them. I am very pleased to write that this year, a few of the Victoria Libertarian Book Club members took the courses for their licenses, and one of them has even picked up a nice, economical SKS rifle (currently available across Canada for $180 – $200). More of my immediate family have obtained their licenses, and we have acquired at least one firearm for each member of our household. The next step is to insure that everyone knows how to use each of them.

For this year, I have resolved to increase my donations to worthy causes. Beginning January 1st, I will donate $50 each month to some individual or institution working to defend liberty. The first donation will go to

In addition, I resolve to spend $50 each month on ammunition, with the goal of building a stock of 1000 rounds in each calibre for the firearms I have. Just in case.

Whatever you resolve (if anything), I wish you success, plus a year full of peace, prosperity, and happiness.


missy says

I know how to download the shit out of the internet!

— December 31, 2012

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