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Dave Killion — January 6, 2013

Over at Avalon (blog of the Atlantica Party) they appear to be endorsing the idea of Maritime Union –

” ‘Jurisdictional integrity’ really means the power of the status quo elites. Despite union having a long list of real benefits (for example, it is estimated that health care would cost 40% less) and being fully supported by the federal government we watch the powers-that-be quickly dismiss the whole idea. No debate, discussion, or study. Just a passing comment that it is all a ‘fantasy’ and, so please, let’s forget all about it. But Maritime Union existed in the past and could again (if the benefits are proven) if we had proper leadership, leadership that has a vision of what this region could be. Instead, as we get closer to the ‘tipping-point’ of depopulation and failed-state status, our leaders concern themselves with maintaining ‘jurisdictional integrity’. We maintain that union of some form should be seriously considered and yet the people and business have to stand by as our leaders dismiss it out of hand.”

Galt protect us all from ‘proper leadership’ with ‘a vision’! It appears the pro-Maritime Union crowd is very much like Victoria’s pro-municipal amalgamation crowd, in that they believe the problems that have arisen thanks to top-down, centrally planned governance can only be resolved by an even more powerful form of top-down, centrally planned governance (I have dismissed these arguments here, here, here, and here). In my view, unifying the Maritimes is much like imposing right-to-work legislation, or providing state-licensing of gay marriage – possibly an improvement in the status quo, but certainly not something libertarians should be expending resources on promoting.


Jonathan Dean says

Thanks for the mention. We get a lot of interest from our blog opinions. One point of follow up; it depends on what that ‘leadership and vision’ is. If it is one where you try to impose some type of pre-conceived idea onto a people (which we currently have here in the Maritimes; we are poor so we need government to do things for us and do not let the voter interfere) then yes we would agree. But if the vision is one of a region with free individuals with deregulated markets and small government, democratic reforms to increase personal liberty and a leadership that is willing to work to that vision then we would say that is a worthy goal for all Maritimers to work towards.

Thanks again.

Jonathan Dean
Atlantica Party

— January 7, 2013

Antony says

Unfortunately, the more centralized power becomes, the less likely you are to get “proper leadership”. The larger and more centralized power centre will only provide additional temptation to those who want to use it to wield that power over others.

A better way to works towards individual liberty is to devolve power down to regions, communities, and ultimately individuals.

— January 9, 2013

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