Building Better Beggars

Dave Killion — January 7, 2013

Further to yesterday’s post, I recalled that there is an argument in favour of municipal amalgamation that I have yet to address, and which would likely apply to any proposed Maritime Union. It is this: an amalgamated Victoria (and a Unified Maritimes) may have more influence on higher levels of government.

This position is not without merit. When the City of Victoria petitions the Federal or Provincial governments over funding for things such as infrastructure maintenance, the petition can be denied at the risk of alienating only the voters in one small municipality, rather than the whole region. But does that benefit outweigh the substantial losses that will occur after local (or provincial) governments are shielded from competing with each other? I don’t know. I can, however, say this with confidence; when your best argument for the change you propose is that it will make you a better supplicant, you will not get any libertarians behind you.

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