Speak Of The Devil

Dave Killion — January 9, 2013

Having just yesterday admonished over-enthusiastic progressives against indulging their hatred of the right to the point of self-delusion, I was please to find this image all over the liberal blogosphere today –

This was allegedly left for restaurant waitstaff in lieu of a tip. In the hundreds of comments I’ve read, and in all the places I’ve seen this posted, there is a lot of outrage against ‘bitter one-percenters’ and ‘greedy Rethuglicans’, all ┬ácoupled with recommendations to sully the customer’s food with everything from various body fluids to deadly poison (should he ever return, that is). What I haven’t seen is an attribution, or a source, or any sort of indication that this is a true story. Worse yet, in all those comments, I have yet to find the slightest bit of skepticism. Heed me, progressives! Indulging your preference for stoking the narrative rather than recognizing the truth comes at great cost to your movement. Turn from the darkness!


Ben says

This is a good point, although it apples to more than just progressives. It seems to me that many people with strong political views enjoy being outraged. It’s kind of like people who always read murder or animal cruelty stories. A lot of people like to feel angry, which allows them to feel righteous.

— January 9, 2013

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