We’re Very Good-Looking, Too.

Dave Killion — January 12, 2013

Over at the Murph Report, some news about those people whose IQs comprise the top 0.01% –

“It has been found they are what has been deemed “Ultra-Free Marketeer Libertarians.” They are for privatizing everything pretty much outside of the Courts, Cops, and The Military a consistent Minarchism stance. In fact, some of them are not fans of taxation period either. While none of them are complete Anarchocapitalists they fit the Minarchist definition pretty accurately. Who would have thought I would be amongst the brightest in my outlook on the political/economical world. However, there is more to this story than just a homage to anti-statism it also includes a homage to skepticism and atheism.” 

Looking at the survey itself, I notice the intellectual elite are more statist than the average when it comes to subsidizing basic scientific research, medical research, federal spending on environmental protection, health care and drugs for the poor and elderly, and campaign financing. In addition, they endorse an increase in the use of the death penalty. The remaining responses are quite libertarian, and I can’t explain this inconsistency. It would seem that even the super-geniuses of this world have something to learn from libertarians.

Hat tip: SodaHead

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