Job Well Done! Now, Get Out.

Dave Killion — January 15, 2013

The six-year term of B.C. Auditor General John Doyle is coming to a close. By all accounts his work has been exemplary, yet  a provincial  legislative committee has voted against re-appointing him. This decision is decried by many members of the public and the media, and of course, the opposition. But as Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation points out, re-appointing Auditors General is a sure way to make them less effective

“No doubt, Doyle is a superb auditor general”….”But that doesn’t mean he should get another six years. In fact, no independent officer of the legislature should ever be reappointed.

Legislative officers must be, first and foremost, independent. Any re-appointment process undermines that independence.

When re-appointment is an option, nearing the end of their first six-year term some independent officers begin to wonder whether the government will reappoint them. They may ease up on the government to help their cause – human nature dictates the difficulty of biting the hand that feeds us. This undermines the office and puts taxpayers at risk. The last thing we want is an officer trying to get a government to renew his or her contract.”

Quite right. And now with the Liberals likely to lose control of the government to the NDP in the spring elections, it’s their job to appoint someone who is going to do to the NDP what Doyle did to them. Declining to re-appoint Doyle will make that a lot easier.



Brent Decker says

We could all learn from this, 545 counting our elected congress, senate, presidency as well as the appointed supreme court are doing a rather poor job of managing the US government. Perhaps we should use this as an example, vote them out after one or two terms.

— January 16, 2013

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