Prepping: Fun And Educational

Dave Killion — January 26, 2013

It’s been fashionable in the last little while to have a laugh at the expense of preppers, but Hurricane Sandy has put a lot of that to rest.  Naturally, all human beings are concerned with uncertainty, and prepare for disaster by purchasing insurance, wearing seatbelts, and other such minor activities. Libertarians, however, being both particularly distrustful of the state, and particularly contemptuous of the states ability in protecting and aiding the populace, are likely to have a higher proclivity towards preparing for self-rescue. As for myself, I have my guns and a growing supply of ammo, along with some water and some gas-fired cooking appliances. In time, I will get a generator, and I should probably lay by some food. I also try to keep a good stock of firewood in case I lose my heating system. To that end, my son found someone who had some rounds from a tree that had recently come down, and he trucked them home. There was so much that we decided to rent a splitter for the first time, and boy, was that fun to use. For about $65 we got 9 horse-powers of practically-unstoppable-4-ton-wood-splitting mayhem! Days of exhausting wood splitting with axe, wedge, and sledge were reduced to hours of vigorous, pleasant, outdoor activity. Inspired and impressed by the human ingenuity that permitted the development of such an impressive device, I went to YouTube to see what a search of wood splitters would net me. Behold!

Something a little more impressive –


Something a little more frightening –


And something you’ve never seen before –


So get ready… there’s a storm coming.


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