A ‘Free State Project” For Canada

Dave Killion — February 4, 2013

Free Province

The Free State Project (FSP) is an effort designed to recruit libertarians to move to New Hampshire. Participants agree to move to the state within five years after a total of 20,000 people have pledged to do so, with the intent of creating an environment in which libertarian practices can flourish. Membership has grown slowly, and at the current rate of growth will not meet its goal until 2020. However, New Hampshire already has over 1,000 Free Staters comprised of existing residents and ‘early movers’, enough of whom are sufficiently active and effective that State Representative Cynthia Chase (D) has already labeled them “…the single biggest threat the state is facing…” . ┬áIt’s a shame the immigration laws make it difficult for Canadians to participate, but those confined to the Great White North may have a made-in-Canada alternative.

Introducing, the Free Province Project. Currently nothing more than a Facebook community, the FPP seeks to cluster Canadian libertarians in Prince Edward Island. Although there is no pledge system yet in place, I note that PEI has 1/10 the population of New Hampshire, suggesting that a mere 2,000 pledges should be sufficient to trigger the migration. Furthermore, having another libertarian enclave geographically close to New Hampshire could improve the climate for a greater north-east secession movement!

Unfortunately, PEI is a somewhat more hostile environment than New Hampshire in terms of employment opportunities, existing liberties, tax rates, and more. Still, that shouldn’t stop someone from picking up the ball and advancing it down the field. Could this be a job for the Charlottetown Libertarian Book Club? Stay tuned!



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