Symbols Of Anarchy

Dave Killion — February 9, 2013

anarchist_flags_and_stars.svgI recently stumbled over a blog post some of you might find interesting. Here’s a taste –

“Various schools within the anarchist movement have adopted their own flags, colours and neckerchiefs. These flags are bisected diagonally with the right half in black for anarchy and the left half in a color representing each school’s ideas. These color templates are also extended to five-pointed stars representing the same schools”….”The black-and-yellow or black-and-gold flag is used by anarcho-capitalists and other market anarchists. The yellow is intended to symbolise gold, a commodity of exchange often used in marketplaces unrestricted by state intervention. The flag was first used in public in Colorado in 1963 at an event organised by Robert LeFevre.”

Antony already presented some of this information back in July, but I think this is a nice supplement.

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