Charitable Act Allegedly Glorifies Drug Use

Dave Killion — February 11, 2013

In Wyandotte, Michigan, 15-year-old Kerrigan Brandon lies brain dead from an overdose of xanax, methadone, and cold tablets that she took a month ago. She is expected to die any day, and because her family may need some financial support, some of Kerrigan’s schoolmates are selling custom T-shirts and bracelets to raise funds. If you are a normal person, you will recognize this for the touching gesture that it is.But if you are a state functionary, you might see it as something potentially more sinister

“(Kerrigan’s friends) say¬†school officials told them, they couldn’t sell them (at school) because the attention could glorify drug use.

We tried reaching out to the school principal, a truck was parked in his designated spot, and a school employee went to the office to let him know we wanted to talk-but we were told, he wasn’t available.”

Canadians could be forgiven for dismissing this story as more craziness from the next door neighbours, but I caution against doing so. Public schools in Canada rest on a foundation made of the same incentives as are those in the U.S., so events will differ from each other only in time and degree. If it happens down there, it can happen up here. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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