A Chance For You To Help

Dave Killion — February 20, 2013

Over time, I have discovered a number of Canadian libertarian bloggers, and a number of Canadian blogs that advocate libertarian solutions to specific issues (such as school choice). It has taken a while to find the ones I know of, and I am sure there are others yet to come to my attention. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one site where all this material could be promoted and discussed!

To that end, I propose an internet forum for Canadian libertarians. There is already a very active conservative forum, which provides an idea of how the new forum could work, but in sum, it would act as an aggregator for Canadian libertarian blog posts, as well as news and topics of interest to Canadian libertarians. Although I am too busy to run the project myself, I am certainly willing to pitch in, particularly in development. If you have the interest and the expertise (but mostly the interest) in making this project a reality, please let me know. I have a sense that libertarianism is on the rise in Canada, and a little effort on the part of just a few people at this stage could have outsized effects over the coming years.

Please, give it some thought, and spread the word.

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