Preserve Your Secret Identity

Dave Killion — February 25, 2013


The unblinking eye of the state never rests, and if you are the type who finds this disconcerting enough to defend against, you will be interested to know that there is an easy and cheap way to prevent your face from being captured by video or CCTV

“Most cameras (especially black and white security cameras) will see low levels of infrared light. This helps them video at dusk/dawn and in lower levels of light. The level of light the camera can see is called the LUX level. To test this theory turn on your video camera and point your TV remote control at it. Change a few channels and you will see a pulse of light flash that the naked eye obviously can’t see. With that said you can easily make an infrared hat with cheap $1 infrared LEDs stitched into the front of the hat, the more the better… Attach a 9 volt battery to the LEDS and bam you are now a giant LED flash light. People will see nothing out of the ordinary, but CCTV cameras will only see a large flash of infrared light coming from your head, hiding your face. “

Cool trick. If you want to see a video on how such a hat can be constructed, then look right here.


missy says

No longer does style give way to functionality!

— February 25, 2013

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