Movie Reviews – ‘Atlas Shrugged II’ and ‘Libertopia’

Dave Killion — February 26, 2013


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The Victoria LBC met at my place last week to share some pizza and screen ‘Atlas Shrugged II’ (Shrug Harder?). I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t very good. And by ‘it’, I don’t mean the pizza. Although some of the lines came across very well, the overall production value of the movie was shockingly low. The special effects, in particular, were so obvious that we felt uncomfortable. As viewers! And yet, according to the most recent numbers at Metacritic, Part II is even better liked by viewers than was Part I. So, there’s no accounting for taste. If you’re libertarian, enjoy it with your friends. Your libertarian friends. Anyone else, and I fear you might damage the cause.

Somewhat better was Christina Heller’s documentary ‘Libertopia‘. Over a 90 minute period, Heller looks at three individuals participating in the Free State Project. Although a little slow, the film effectively captures the earnest determination of people so enthralled by liberty that they elect to build their lives around its preservation and expansion. No matter your political orientation, ‘Libertopia’ is a beautiful, touching insight into human drive, and the power of an idea.

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