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Dave Killion — March 5, 2013

You get a tank, you end up with an ex-wife.

Lance Miller, private citizen and Sherman Tank owner


It gets crappy mileage, but it does have a sunroof.

It gets crappy mileage, but it does have a sunroof.

I have been in the thick of several discussions concerning ‘reasonable’ restrictions on firearms ownership, and more than once my interlocutor has queried as to whether or not I would allow my neighbours to own bazookas. Well, of course I would! My neighbours are good, law-abiding citizens, and certainly no threat to me. None of that would change simply because they owned a bazooka. In fact, I imagine my world would be marginally safer if such were the case. But there is no need to theorize, when the evidence is right in front of us – in the U.S. there is estimated to be up to 1,000 private citizens who own tanks, many of which are fully operational.

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