A Short Drop And A Sudden Stop

Dave Killion — May 9, 2013

If the time should ever come that the state becomes so intolerable that the people must revolt (as Americans did against Britain in 1776), many of us will have to call on skills and knowledge that are none too common –

“Hanging has been utilized as a mode of execution for as long as man can remember, There have been more executions by this method than any other means. The procedure is simple; and yet there have been more botched executions by this method than by any other.

Essentially, execution by hanging is strangulation, effected by restricting the executee’s air supply at the neck, unconsciousness occurring between two and four minutes and death within ten, resulting in death by asphyxiation. This, however, is not humane.

The correct procedure is when the executee is dropped some distance and stopped by a rope fastened around his neck. The force of this drop and stop breaks the bones in the executee’s neck and severs his spinal cord causing him to go into medical shock and be rendered unconscious. At this point the executee strangles to death. This method is the only humane form of hanging.”

Well, one doesn’t wish to ever be inhumane,¬†so educate yourself. Then,¬†come the Glorious Day, you’ll be able to use that 30-foot length of boiled-and-stretched 3/4″ Manila Hemp in a cruelty-free fashion.

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