State of the Free States

Dave Killion — May 18, 2013

Hit and Run added a couple of good posts recently, concerning projects to create islands of liberty in an authoritarian world. The first examines the status of efforts to create  charter cities in Honduras

” (chief of staff to President Porfirio Lobo, Octavio) Sanchez says he isn’t worried that the latest attempt will again be derailed by the Supreme Court, because the original opinion was legally flawed, and four members of the constitutional chamber that first overturned the law “were removed from office by Congress because of gross ignorance.” Non-Hondurans involved in the process think the Supreme Court decision was more a matter of internal politics and an expression of opposition to the president of Congress, the free cities supporter Juan Orlando Hernandez, who was (and still is) running for president. While another legal challenge is possible, even likely, Sanchez and others involved say the new law will be carefully crafted to be as bulletproof as possible.”

The second story looks at how the +/- 1,100 libertarians already living in New Hampshire as a result of the Free State Project are transforming the state

“The libertarian influence already has paid some dividends in governance. In 2007 the New Hampshire legislature voted to block implementation of a national ID card system in the state. The battle against REAL ID was lead by Joel Winters, the first member of the Free State Project to win a statewide representative seat. Winters, a Democrat and Floridian, ran for office on a platform focused on civil liberties and privacy just two years after he moved to New Hampshire. 

Winters, who is a building contractor by trade, notes that other Free State legislative victories are less conspicuous, because they involve stopping bad laws before they start. “There’s always proposals to expand licensing requirements, and we’ve helped stopped those,” he says, ticking off thwarted gun restrictions and seat belt regulations as examples.”

It is a cold fact that the coercive state is under unceasing, blistering attacks on all fronts. Under such a withering assault, it cannot hope to survive.

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