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Dave Killion — May 20, 2013

After nearly three years and 700 posts (nearly a book’s worth!), I’ve decided to put blogging aside for other efforts. It has been a wonderful opportunity to express myself, and in the process, to improve my writing and the composition of my arguments. However, my audience has always been, and will likely remain, tiny. To the 50 or so people who make up our readership, thank you so much for visiting. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I will continue to share my opinions, plus items of interest, on our Facebook page. I hope you will visit there, and perhaps join and contribute.

Best wishes.

Update – June 11, 2013     If this is your first visit, by all means please find a few hours to read through the blog. I still monitor for comments, and some of the stuff is not half bad.


Shirley says

Bummer….I liked having you dig up all that stuff…especially the funny ones.

— May 20, 2013

Dave Killion says

Not to worry, Shirley. I see you are in our Facebook group, so you should still see some good material there.

— May 21, 2013

Me says

This is truly a loss. You are an excellent writer Dave and you really have enriched the community with your contributions.

— May 21, 2013

Dave Killion says

You’re very kind to say so. Libertarians are the smartest, best-informed, and most open-minded people there are, so getting a compliment from one means a great deal to me.

— May 23, 2013

David says

Hi Dave,

Thanks for three years of exceptional work on this blog.


— June 3, 2013

Dave Killion says

It’s been a pleasure, David. I’ve learned so much, and I’m grateful for the opportunity you have helped provide,

— June 6, 2013

missy says

Now you can start that crafting blog you’re always talking about! jk, it’s a little sad to not see you popping up on my reader anymore but this will give us more time for the range! pew pew pew! You’re the biggest libertarian I know <3 <3 <3

— June 10, 2013

Dave Killion says

Not just any old crafting blog, a *libertarian* crafting blog. Our first project will be to needlepoint the 2nd amendment onto a pillow case.

— June 11, 2013

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