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NH Governor Rationalizes Own Drug Use

Dave Killion — March 9, 2014

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan, who has declared that she will veto marijuana-legalization legislation that makes it all the way to her office, has admitted to trying marijuana in her youth

“During an interview on WMUR-TV’s Sunday morning “Close-Up” program, the governor was asked by host Josh McElveen whether she had ever tried marijuana.

“I was in college. I tried it,” she said. “But things have changed. The drug is much more potent now.”

I see… well, then, if that makes it all right, Hassan should have no reason to oppose the use of marijuana, provided it is no more potent than that which she used in college. Thanks for your support, Governor!

Smoking: As Safe As Meat And Cheese

Dave Killion — March 6, 2014

Well, it seems smoking might be no more unhealthy than enjoying a diet rich in meat and cheese. Of course, as I have pointed out recently, researchers and lazy journalists can only say so in a back-handed, inflammatory fashion –

“A diet rich in meat, eggs, milk and cheese could be as harmful to health as smoking, according to a controversial study into the impact of protein consumption on longevity.

High levels of dietary animal protein in people under 65 years of age was linked to a fourfold increase in their risk of death from cancer or diabetes, and almost double the risk of dying from any cause over an 18-year period, researchers found. However, nutrition experts have cautioned that it’s too early to draw firm conclusions from the research.”

Too early to draw firm conclusions? Perhaps… but clearly, not too early to present the research in as alarming a fashion as possible.