“Grow A Pair”

Dave Killion — October 5, 2014


If you took the message from Harry Browne’s “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World“, stripped away 1/2 the pages, added a sprinkle of H.L. Mencken, and delivered it in the style and voice of a television pitchman, you’d have something that looks and sounds very much like Larry Winget’s “Grow A Pair“. Here are some choice quotes –

“Growing a pair is a state of mind, an attitude, and a way of thinking. It’s about giving up being a victim and taking control of your life at every level. It is the willingness to do the right thing even when everyone else is doing the wrong thing.”

“Bottom line: People believe they are entitled to compensation for consequences they brought on themselves due to their irresponsible lifestyle and stupid choices.”

“Your thoughts, your words, and your actions created the life you are living. You create your results— no one else.”

“The constant need to make everyone else happy at the cost of your own happiness will destroy you.”

“Make yourself happy and surround yourself with people who are cool with that.”

“Success comes from what you do, not from what you say you are going to do.”

“You can’t step up to the next level as long as you keep one foot on the lower level.”

“No one ever wrote down a plan to be fat, broke, stupid, lazy, unhappy, and mediocre. Those are the things that happen to you when you don’t have a plan.”

“Do what you said you would do, when you said you would do it, the way you said you would do it.”

I find Winget’s style grating, and there are too many reminiscences in which he (predictably) triumphs in the moment by practicing what he preaches. None the less, his philosophy is sound and his message is clear. If you don’t have six hours to give over to Harry Browne’s book, you might find the couple of hours Winget requires to be a good investment.


Shirley Sloan says

Thanks David. Good review…now I think I’d better grab a copy and read it even if I have missed the discussions. (Does this mean that you’re blogging again?)

— October 6, 2014

Dave Killion says

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Shirley. Yes, indeed, I look to begin posting more frequently again. If you would ever wish to contribute a guest-post, I’d love to add you to our stable of writers.

— October 9, 2014

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