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Anybody’s son will do

G — December 22, 2012

What’s your phone telling about you?

G — July 26, 2012

Great TED talk on what is being tracking about where you are going, who you are calling and potentially your entire life network!

Here’s the tell all map:

A warning from the past on isms

G — March 22, 2012

Who are the enemies then?

G — March 5, 2012

Investigative journal exposes some of the myths circulating the media recently in its feature article 6 BS Myths you probably believe about America’s enemies.  Too often we’re led to believe the enemies are ‘them’ by those locals capitalizing on existing prejudices or fears of people for their own advantage.  Even the most worldly of libertarians might find some surprises in this gem which leaves one asking… who are the enemies then?

When everyone breaks the law, the law is broken

G — November 26, 2011

Reflecting recently on the polygamy case decision, it startles me how many laws are actually out there that don’t go enforced.  If a given act truly is a ‘crime’, shouldn’t then all acts of that type be prosecuted across the board?  In the recent polygamy ruling, this will likely not be the case.  People in polygamous relationships will likely not be affected at all by this ruling except for those in Bountiful, for which this ruling is specifically targeted.  I can say this with confidence because if harm to women or children were truly the issue, then those involved in harming women or children would be prosecuted now, without the need for this trial.  I am not advocating enforcement of violent laws, of course, but I am saying that if the crimes on the books were truly enforced consistently across the board based on the rationale and guise for which they are created, people would quickly see how authoritarian our laws have become and how selective and punitive they were in the past (aka ‘prosecutor discretion’).

Either it is a crime across the board based on the rationale for which it is created, or it is not.

To have a weapon for which to pick and choose a crime to fit those you wish to attack, that is not justice, that is totalitarianism.

This Is Not A Form Of Brainwashing

G — May 28, 2011

A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbours.
William Ralph Inge

In this time of hockey fever, I can’t help but see the parallels between ‘the local team’ and nationalism.  The two are obviously different: one is fealty to individuals who claim some sort of authority over you; the other is supporting individuals on their quest to glory.  But when I hear those around town saying things like “we’re going to win this year” and “we are doing great” tied up with “I’ll support any Canadian team” or “Canada is going to kick some ***”, the parallels become fundamentally clear.  Being a fanatic of some sports (in particular, hockey in Canada), like nationalism, is about reward without effort.  It’s about living vicariously through a dream created by someone else (instead of creating your own) and getting caught up in group hysteria.  I’ll admit, it can be fun to watch the game, but when the message is repeated over and over and tied in with a sense of unearned pride, it can give one pause for wonder if ‘the local team’ is all we are cheering for.

George Ought To Help

G — April 23, 2011

Youtube is another wonderful tool that allows people to take an otherwise seemingly complicated message and condense it into a short video of wisdom.  Here’s one that I think is particularly good as it is non-abrasive and allows the viewer to come to their own conclusions while viewing the consequences of what they advocate for.

George ought to help – but would you use force to make it happen?


Mainstream Disconnect?

G — April 19, 2011

Moseying on over to rotten tomatoes to see the latest movie review ratings for Atlas Shrugged Part I, one will notice an interesting spectacle.

At time of visiting, only seven percent of newspaper and mainstream film reviewers (of 28) ‘liked’ the new movie.  Now, it may be that it is an exceptionally bad movie except for the startling fact that eighty-five percent of regular movie-goers (of 7,431) ‘liked’ the movie.

This is a huge disconnect.

The question is, who is showing their feathers of bias?  Audience film goers or film critics from ‘accepted’ sources?