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(Inter)national Ammo Day

Dave Killion — November 18, 2012

November 19 is National Ammo Day
It is a nationwide BUYcott of ammunition. You buy ammunition. 100 Rounds a person.”

“… The goal of National Ammo Day is to empty the ammunition from the shelves of your local gun store, sporting goods, or hardware store and put that ammunition in the hands of law-abiding citizens.”

As I wrote last November, we in Canada should also take part,and turn this into an international event! And if you can’t find time to pick up ammo on the 19th? Not to worry –

“National Ammo Day is on November 19 and that is the day when you mark your calendar. In the text above you may have noticed that we used the phrase “Ammo Day Week.” That is because it is sometimes impossible for someone to get to the store on that specific day to buy ammunition, so we broaden the time when someone may make a purchase, but still have it count towards an Ammo Day purchase.”

So if you are legally permitted to purchase ammo but can’t make the 19th this year, any day between the 18th and 24th ‘counts’. Net result; over 300 million rounds of ammo in the hands of law-abiding Canadians!

A Fistful Of Freedom

Dave Killion — August 17, 2012

The FP-45 Liberator

“Made by the Guidelamp Division of General Motors at the behest of the US Army over a few months in the Summer of 1942, the Liberator was never intended for use by our armed forces…

…The pistols would be air dropped by the hundreds of thousands into enemy occupied territory, where it was expected the Germans would never be able to recover all of them…

A common civilian, alone with a conquering German soldier, suddenly produces the single shot .45 and drops the man in a surprise attack, afterwards making off with the soldiers weapons. Now the German Army is down one soldier, the resistance has one more battle rifle, and every other German soldier has to wonder…. will he be next?”

Although the U.S. never carried out this plan and most Liberators were destroyed or lost over time, the notion of providing the masses with an inexpensive, easily obtained firearm with which to defend themselves from oppression lives on –

Defense Distributed, a libertarian student partnership, is announcing a project they’re calling the Wiki Weapon. This project’s goal is to test and prove a design for a completely printable, one-use ABS plastic .22 handgun, and to take that design from CAD and port it to a .STL file that will then be freely shared across all major file-sharing platforms to the world. DefDist is anticipating a world where 3D printing becomes much more economical and ubiquitous, and the Wiki Weapon will be one step in providing political and personal leverage to the peoples of that world. The value of such a file’s existence in the future cannot be overstated.”

This looks like a worthy project, so please visit the website and consider making a donation.

Stylish Statement

Dave Killion — August 15, 2012

The wearing of empty holsters as a means to protest restrictive laws against concealed- and open-carry laws is well established in the U.S., and has even made an appearance in Canada. In that vein, I have often thought that if many citizens wore holsters regularly, it might spur discussions concerning the right to self-defense, as well as desensitizing the public somewhat to an irrational fear of firearms. The fact is, though, wearing a holster is a drag, and if you can’t even put a firearm in it, it is probably more trouble than any but the most fervent advocate will tolerate. But say your ‘holster’ had the same utility as a fanny pack, without the nerdy tourist quality! Well, that’s something people might choose to wear no matter what side of the debate they fall in. These particular models are a little to biker-y for my taste, but something with a little canvas, a little molded plastic, and some web-belts… well, now you’re talking

Another Step Forward

Dave Killion — August 3, 2012

Government-busting technology is a favourite topic of mine, and there have been a couple big developments in the past few weeks. One is an encrypted web-based chat called Cryptocat. The other, on which I will focus today, is the first working rifle made with a 3D printer

“An amateur gunsmith, operating under the handle of “HaveBlue” (incidentally, “Have Blue” is the codename that was used for the prototype stealth fighter that became the Lockheed F-117), announced recently in online forums that he had successfully printed a serviceable .22 caliber pistol.

Despite predictions of disaster, the pistol worked. It successfully fired 200 rounds in testing.

HaveBlue then decided to push the limits of what was possible and use his printer to make an AR-15 rifle. To do this, he downloaded plans for an AR-15 receiver in the Solidworks file format from a site called After some small modifications to the design, he fed about $30 of ABS plastic feedstock into his late-model Stratasys printer. The result was a functional AR-15 rifle.”

If you are a libertarian in need of a hobby, I would have once included gun smithing amongst my recommendations, not only because it could provide one with important skills, but also because (as you can see below in the section of the video starting around the 5:30 mark) surprisingly good results can be had under remarkably simple conditions.  However, in light of this latest revelation, I believe I will now start encouraging others to consider the possibilities of 3D printing. But whether anyone follows my advice or not, it is becoming glaringly obvious that increasing wealth and advancing technology are going to make coercive government prohibitions an exercise in futility.

The Purpose of Gun Rights

Antony — July 27, 2012

At yesterday’s Book Club meeting, we had quite a bit of discussion about gun rights. The discussion centered around whether ownership of powerful weapons constitutes and implicit threat to others, and whether various restrictions on types of guns, or where they can be carried, are justified to make society safer.

One of the problems of gun rights is that guns are intended for situations we don’t expect, and hope never to encounter. This makes it difficult to determine in advance what sort of restrictions or limits may be reasonable. There is the additional problem that, even if you agree that certain limits are reasonable, you need to empower an authority to enforce those limits, and that power is vulnerable to abuse.

Ultimately, the reason for gun rights is to empower people to defend themselves without being reliant on government, whether against muggers, rapists, home invaders, lunatics, angry mobs, or anyone else who may attack them. Check out the video below for a dramatic presentation of this argument:

How to Stop a Massacre

Antony — July 26, 2012

Arm Senior Citizens!

Courtesy Natural News

Advanced Communications Tool

Dave Killion — June 23, 2012

I have made the case over, and over, and over again that you should get a firearm. You should get one, and learn how to use it, and then you should get one each for every person in your family, and then everybody should learn how to use each one of them. And I am repeating this advice not only because it is wise, but because it gives me an opportunity to post this –

Yes. It is exactly what it looks like: a fully functional Glock Model 21 .45 made to look like a Dewalt cordless drill. Words fail me.

Guns and Gandhi

Dave Killion — May 23, 2012

Say you're sari.

It is well known that in the US and Canada, many women feel a keen desire to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense. It turns out this desire extends also to women far outside our borders –

“There are so many incidents, especially in Delhi (India). Women who are working or who are travelling should definitely have a gun,” said ( Dr Harveen Kaur Sidhu). She explained that changing lifestyles were making women more vulnerable, particularly single women working or coming home late at night. “Why should I be dependent on someone else, even my husband or the police, for my own safety? I should be independent,” she said. “Imagine all the problems and mishaps which could be avoided if women could defend themselves properly. The females have to be self-armed and protected and should send out a strong message that we are not taking this anymore.”

According to The Guardian, although per capita gun ownership is low in India, the number of firearms in the country (40 million) is second only to that of the United States. This despite the fact that licenses are hard to obtain and many firearms are manufactured in backstreet workshops. The growing number of women acquiring guns for self-defense, along with the appearance of groups organized to promote gun rights, suggest a strengthening firearms culture in India. Good on them!

Self Defense

Dave Killion — May 10, 2012

The provincial government of Quebec has responded to the elimination of the long gun registry by obtaining an injunction preventing the federal government from destroying existing gun registry data, which it wishes to use in order to establish a provincial registry. However, some Quebec firearms owners aim to dodge this attempted infringement by selling their long guns outside of Quebec. Here’s how –

  1. Call CFC 1-800-731-4000 and follow prompts to initiate a transfer.
  2. Tell the agent that you have sold X number of non-restricted firearms “OUT OF PROVINCE”. State that the buyer showed proof of a valid PAL.
  3. The agent will then ask for Certificate and Serial numbers of long guns.
  4. Agent will then advise that they will de-register the long guns from your Possession and Acquisition License. In other words, you are NO LONGER IN POSSESSION of said firearms.

It appears that there is nothing in the law stating a Quebec resident can not “borrow” any un-registered firearm for an indefinite amount of time. Just to be safe, I think it might be best to have someone with a PAL from outside of Quebec who is willing to attest to ownership of the firearms.

Also, there are reports that firearms retailers in some provinces have been ordered by the Chief Firearms Officers of said provinces to collect and keep records of personal data for firearms purchases. Private sales are exempt from this, so if you want to purchase a non-restricted firearm, give your money to a friend who has a PAL. He can buy the piece, and then sell it to you for $1, so there is no record that you own the piece, and your friend can honestly say he sold the gun shortly after he brought it. You can do him the same favour, as well. So long as these nasty bureaucrats and politicians keep trying to subvert the will of the people, we have a duty to try to outmaneuver them. Don’t miss an opportunity.

Time to go Shopping

Dave Killion — April 23, 2012

Finally, I can get rid of those old crayons!

After a long battle, the Canadian long gun registry has been repealed. When the registry first came into place, many people registered their long guns, and others sold or gave theirs away. There are still others, though, who knew that registration has been a preamble to disarmament as long as there have been tyrannies, and who quietly secreted away their unregistered rifles and shotguns, to await either the end of the registry or the day every normal man has to spit in his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats. Happily, those firearms can now be hauled out of storage and put back to peaceful and entertaining use. Canada is a better nation because of this.

I am pleased to report that more and more members of the Victoria LBC have acquired (or are in the process of acquiring) their Canadian Possession and Acquisition licenses for both restricted and non-restricted firearms. It is my earnest hope that they (and you) will all get one. Those of you who are hesitant, squeamish, or simply disinterested may wish to consider that a right which is not exercised is a right which is more easily lost. I imagine if the state were to start mulling over the possibility of increasing restrictions on owning firearms – perhaps even disarmament of the civilian populace – many of you would rush to arm yourselves, despite your misgivings! But getting a license, getting a firearm, and learning to handle the several varieties of firearms takes some time. If you wait too long, it may be too late. Please don’t put it off any longer. It is better to be a knowledgeable firearms owner and not need to be, than the other way around.

As for me, I just might go out soon and enjoy my freedom to get myself a nice, non-restricted, no-registration-required rifle. Maybe something easy to hide.