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Happy Holidays

Dave Killion — December 25, 2012

Prepare For The Next Apocalypse

Dave Killion — December 22, 2012

Although the Mayan Apocalypse failed to materialize, humanity faces the constant threat of disaster on all fronts. Perhaps it will be a pandemic, or meteor strike. Maybe it will be an alien invasion, a natural disaster, or an economic collapse combined with a chaotic loss of rule of law. Since libertarians know that counting on the state to save the day is likely to result in devastating (and perhaps fatal) loss, we prepare to care for ourselves, our friends, and our communities. In that spirit, I offer you the following video, showing what can be done with resources from an unlikely place –


Of all the things to admire, I am struck most by the resistance of the coat hanger to being place under so much tension. It is a testimony to the quality of Ikea construction.

HT to Tom Palmer

Here’s A Clever Idea

Dave Killion — November 20, 2012


This is alleged to be the bottom of a pizza box in the southern U.S.

Tastes like genius.

In A Blindfold Test, Do You Think Anyone Can Tell The Difference?

Dave Killion — November 1, 2012

You know how you order Coke at a restaurant, and they ask if Pepsi is okay, and you say "Whatever"?


Democrat/Republican, Liberal/Conservative, Coke/Pepsi… Team Red and Team Blue want you to think there’s a big difference.

Halloween Down Under

Dave Killion — October 30, 2012

It's a coyote, but if you put a baby in your mouth, you could say you were a dingo.

It is my understanding that Canadians and Americans spend more money on Halloween than any other holiday but Christmas. Considering that my household has already consumed not only the box of 50 full-sized bars that we were supposed to pass out at Halloween, but also the box of 95 fun-sized bars we got to replace the first box (meaning we’ve had to buy more candy), I can believe it. Face it- Halloween is great, and almost everyone loves it. But who, in their right mind, would suggest turning the event into a government holiday? Australians, that’s who

“In all, 17 members of the newly-formed Halloween Institute kicked off a protest march yesterday that stretched from Sydney’s Martin Place to Parliament House.”…. “The Halloween Institute was marching to demand that the fine American tradition of Halloween every October 31 become a public holiday in Australia.”

Suuuuch a bad idea! Naturally, the driving force behind the institute is the owner of a party supply store. The good news? This story is from 2010. Halloween wasn’t made a public holiday, and since the Halloween Institute does not appear to exist anywhere on the internet, I assume their lobbying days are over. The bad news? The Premier of New South Wales in 2010 (Kristina Keneally) lost her position only 5 months later. Coincidence? Perhaps… or perhaps the tentacles of Big Halloween extend further than anyone knows!

Despite the failure of the institute, Halloween continues to increase in popularity amongst the Antipodeans –

“Like our supermarkets selling “scary” lollies, cheap costumes and special carving pumpkins, more Australians are embracing the idea of Halloween. It has become so prevalent that Google spokesman Shane Treeves said company research found that the number of Halloween-related searches had doubled over the past six years.”…. “”The Australian market is very quickly getting used to Halloween, or embracing it.”

Even if the government isn’t.


Random Thought

Dave Killion — October 25, 2012

Canadian libertarians aren’t the kind of Canadians who apologize to people that bump into them.


Time For A Fresh Coat Of Whitening

Dave Killion — September 26, 2012

I have praised The Whited Sepulchre before, but not lately. So let me remind you – visit the Whited Sepulchre. Not only does he comment on current events with insight and humour, he also links to stuff he thinks is just pure fun. Here are two recent recommendations


Now I’m Worried

Dave Killion — September 20, 2012


Well, that’s just what they would want us to believe, isn’t it!

Via ShortFormBlog

For Our American Readers

Dave Killion — September 17, 2012


Why anyone would insult perfectly decent primates by comparing them to politicians is beyond me. I suggest that from now on we refer to large groups of baboons as ‘voluntary collectives’.

Happy News

Dave Killion — September 6, 2012

I have previously cited Tom Naughton and his terrific documentary “Fathead”, in which he not only provides evidence that debunks the claims of the movie “Supersize Me“, but also walks the walk by putting himself on a high-fat.low-carb regimen (to good effect). The film is done with intelligence and humour, and is now available for you to watch, free, anytime you like –